Installing Point Cloud Library (PCL) on Windows using Visual Studio 2013

I’m at a point in my research where I need to register points I’ve segmented from a series of ultrasound images in a single 3D reconstruction of a target area. Having very little experience with 3D reconstruction, I went on a search for possible libraries to use and stumbled upon the Point Cloud Library. It looked very promising so I decided to use it. The problem was, the installers were built on an older version of Visual Studio. Therefore, I had to build and install my own version of PCL. It turns out it was much harder than my previous experience building a custom library (OpenCV + Python) as it has many dependencies that need to also be custom built with the same Visual Studio version. It took me several days, as the instructions on the PCL website were not very detailed. So, for future reference and for those who need to do the same, this is a description of the build and installation process for PCL on Windows using Visual Studio 2013.

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Installing OpenCV 3.0 and Python 3.4+ (Anaconda) on Windows

I recently decided to update to the newest OpenCV version (3.0) and wanted to add Python 3.4+ along with it. It took me a couple hours to set up because I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to install them on Windows. So, here’s my attempt at a tutorial based on what I have just been through. Hope it helps.

For the rest of this post, I will show you how to compile and install OpenCV 3.0 with Python 3.4+ bindings on Windows.

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If you’re in academics, whether you work or are currently studying, you might have encountered offers for publication from journals with impressive sounding names offering to publish anything for a fee. Although they may be impressive in name, many of them have absolutely no standard. One thing they are though is very annoying as they fill up your inbox with constant offers for publication even though you’ve pressed that unsubscribe link so many times.

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