Integrating AdMob: Lessons from a Noob Developer

A week ago, my friend and I published our first game on Google Play called Messimage. It’s a visual trivia game filled with brain teasers for you to solve (try it for FREE here). So as all noob developers hope to do with their first app/game, we wanted to make money. For all the hard work you put into it, of course you want to get something back. For our first app, we decided to publish a free game with hopes of monetizing through advertisements. Since we were developing the game using Corona SDK, we used ad networks that were available to use for the Starter account on Corona, one of them being AdMob. Here, I’ll share some lessons learnt while integrating AdMob into our mobile game. Specifically, I’ll share my experience in getting my AdMob account suspended and then successfully getting the account reinstated, something that seems to be very hard to do judging from comments in online developer forums.

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