If you’re in academics, whether you work or are currently studying, you might have encountered offers for publication from journals with impressive sounding names offering to publish anything for a fee. Although they may be impressive in name, many of them have absolutely no standard. One thing they are though is very annoying as they fill up your inbox with constant offers for publication even though you’ve pressed that unsubscribe link so many times.

Recently, scientists have gotten fed up with this non-sense and have hit back rather cheekily. David Mazieres and Eddie Kohler came up with a very scientific paper called “Get me off Your Fucking Mailing list”. It’s main contribution, if you must, is to get these very persistent journals to “get me off your fucking mailing list.” What’s it filled with? Well, the words “get me off your fucking mailing list.” in text, diagram, and scatterplot form. Ingenious. What’s suprising is that, it’s been accepted by The International Journal of Computer Technology. What’s more suprising, someone else with a totally different name (Peter Vamplew) submitted the paper. It goes to show how fake or non-existent the peer review process in these journals are. So, be careful when you choose a journal to publish in. If you’re in doubt, you could always check it with the GMOYFML paper or something similar. If they accept, you know they are bull.


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